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what does the blue dot mean on samsung

I love the blue dot on my samsung galaxy note. This little icon is the blue dot in the corner of the screen. It’s also a good way to quickly check to see what apps are open on your phone.

I’ve noticed that blue dots are on phones more than other gadgets. They’re also on Samsung devices. They’re just easier and quicker to see than your computer’s status bar.

I think the blue dot is an alternative to the status bar, but I can see how it might be a more convenient way to quickly see your apps. The blue dot is on a lot of phones, including Samsung devices.

It has a special status bar that says “You are at least 2 hours away.” It doesn’t have time to check into it.

This is one of the most obvious ways to get around the blue dot and the status bar in a phone. You can use it as a way to get away from the status bar and your screens. You can also remove the status bar and use it to access your home or office.

There a few other ways to get around the blue dot, like using a shortcut key. For example, on our Samsung Galaxy S8, it can be used to go to the Google search page or to delete apps that are not essential to your usage. On the other hand, most Samsung phones also have blue dot function when you are not using them.

A blue dot appears on the screen when you have your screen off. It is a status bar that you can use to get away from the screen and your apps. Most phones have this function with the exception of Samsung, but it is a nice feature to have.

I’ve found it interesting that a black dot appears when I press the shortcut key. This is a common feature in other phones, but it’s not the only one. There are other features that are invisible to me, but none of them are the ones you wouldn’t find on a black dot on a Samsung phone.

This blue dot is a reminder of the time when the phone was new. It is a small dot in the top left corner of the screen. Whenever you want to look at your phone, you have to lift your finger up from the screen. You see the dot, but it is invisible.

The dots are the little dots of the screen that remind us of our childhood memories. It is a reminder of what we loved and what we wanted to do next. It reminds us to stay with that thing we love. It is a reminder that it is time to start something new. In the same way we see the blue dot, we see the small dot on our screen.

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