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what does r/o mean in medical terms

This is a term used in medicine to describe a person who has a chronic condition that is difficult to treat. Like a heart condition, r/o is usually a mild or moderate condition that is easier to manage.

r/o means “slow” and we’re talking about a slow-growing condition that can’t be treated. In this case, r/o is not a condition, it’s a process. So what does it mean to be r/o? Well, r/o is a phrase used in the medical industry to refer to someone who has a slow-growing or sometimes, slowly changing condition.

It has a lot to do with the body’s ability to heal itself and become more efficient in the way it handles toxins and other impurities. So ro is a condition that doesn’t get better in a day. It may take months for a ro patient to experience significant improvement if they ever do. If you want to be ro, keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy.

We have a medical board that we call the ro board. But that is only true for some people. For others, ro is a term that they use to describe an ailment that does get better in a day. This is actually a phrase that we use in this article.

The purpose of r/o is to remove the unpleasantness that ro has on you. It’s a way of letting your mind get away from the nasty stuff. It goes without saying that the ro board is the only way to get the best out of you. But we want to make sure that we can keep the best out of your mind. So, for example, if you’re at work, and your mind feels a bit more stress, you might consider a ro-board instead.

ro-boards are usually filled with puzzles, and also some sort of music to help you focus. The point of ro-boards in our case is to get you thinking about what you actually need to do to fix whatever you’re currently experiencing. For example, if you have a headache, you might think of the ro-board for getting yourself to go to the bathroom. If you have a fever, you might think of the ro-board for taking a bath.

And to help you think, you probably would consider a med-cognition as well. Med-cognition is that you are able to see through the brain’s fog and sense its own fog. Med-cognition can be used to solve your medical problem so you can have an accurate diagnosis; for example, if you have a serious stroke, it might be the med-cognition to get you to do something serious.

Med-cognition is very hard to do, as you have to know if there is a medical problem. And you can only do it with an MRI or CT scan. Otherwise it is very hard to do.

In medical terms, we can say that a r/o is an organ or organ system that is missing or not functioning well. We can also say that an organ or organ system is absent. The brain is an organ, and you can get very ill without it.

For example, if your brain is missing the right part, then you’re missing a lot of the other parts that would normally be involved. You can’t do things like make plans, make a list, or move. So that means that if you’re missing a section of the brain (for example, the left temporal lobe), then it means that you can’t form memories of anything.

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