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I’m a professional wedding photographer, but I love to travel. You may have noticed that I’ve been traveling a lot the last couple of years. You can see more of my travel photos and travel stories on my blog,

I’ve been to 50+ countries on 5 continents so far. I’ve got some amazing trips planned this year. I’m also a huge fan of the Nintendo Wii MotionPlus controller, which was made by Nintendo itself. I really like the feel of the controller in my hands, and the fact that it provides a nice tactile feedback when I’m interacting with a game.

Okay, I know I went overboard with the motion, and I know I am still a huge fan of the controller, but I was just rethinking my travel photos for a second. I know there are some that you can’t see, but I hope you enjoy my photos anyway.

The motion controller is a great way to interact with video games, and the motion sensing ability is perfect for motion gaming. I actually got the motion controller for my birthday. It was actually one of those perfect gifts where I was so impressed with it that I bought two of them. I actually also own the Nintendo 3DS, which is a fantastic controller but doesn’t have the motion sensing capabilities of the motion controller. But I’ll write more about that in the future.

I’m not sure if the motion controller will be as popular as the Nintendo 3DS at this point, but I have to say that I enjoy gaming without a motion controller. I do the same thing with playing video games on my iPhone or iPod touch (but only in the iPhone version).

The motion controller is a fantastic idea though and a very convenient way to play games that have no physical controls. So if you do want to play a game that doesn’t have a motion controller, you can always use the Wii Remote or the GameCube controller.

I have to say though that I still feel a little disconcerted that people just don’t want to pay for a motion controller. This is because I think they are a really great addition to gaming and I think they are very necessary to gaming. Sure, I’m a big fan of gaming without a motion controller, but I think the motion controller is the way to go for me.

To me it looks as though the motion controller is much better than the Wii Remote. The motion controller is so much more precise and accurate, it’s just not as good as the Wii Remote. I think that if you have a motion controller, you should at least try it out. Especially if you want to be able to play games that you couldnt with a Wii Remote.

the motion controller is not perfect. It’s not perfect because it’s not a perfect control, but its better than it was. It has a bit of a learning curve to it, but it’s not that bad. A motion controller is best used for games that you can have control over, like a game that is not a real-time strategy game. It’s great if you want to use it for movies, since it’s perfect for games.

I have never played an actual game that used a motion controller. I am sure it does work, but I could never find it. It has been a while since I played a realtime strategy game. When I am not using it, I am usually using a mouse or a joystick. Its not that bad of an idea.

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