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I am not sure when I first learned about rob carducci. I probably learned about it in one of my first courses at a culinary school in the mid-2000s. When I learned it was a type of cholera vaccine that could be given to a pregnant woman, I thought it was hilarious. I’ve always thought of cholera as a virus that causes a horrible, horrible disease, that is transmitted by the feces of an infected person. Not so much any more.

In the past, cholera was a very serious disease that required intensive medical care and was a death sentence. But with advances in medical care, cholera vaccines became widely available in the early 2000s. These vaccines were designed to protect the fetus from cholera, and were designed to be injected into pregnant women.

And this is why cholera is no longer a death sentence. There are now vaccines for cholera, and we have one of the best and most effective ones. In fact, today’s version of the vaccine is one of the best ever and is the only one that prevents infection after infection. This is true for both the acute and chronic stages.

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