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plegia medical term

Plegia is a medical term used in Latin to describe a condition that affects the brain or nerves. It is usually used in reference to the nervous system, specifically the brain.

plegia is caused by some types of brain damage, usually in a person who has suffered a stroke. The damage to the brain causes the brain to stop communicating, and the person is essentially paralyzed.

This is the reason that our first article on this website was called “plegia.” The condition is generally considered to be irreversible, so it would be impossible to recover from the damage.

Although it is unlikely you would recover from a stroke, there is a chance that you could recover from a brain injury and regain consciousness after a few short days or weeks. It is possible that after prolonged unconsciousness, the person may be able to speak or even use their hands. A small percentage of people can regain awareness after a few months, although the vast majority of patients are unlikely to ever regain full consciousness.

In the event of prolonged unconsciousness, we recommend that you take a prescribed amount of medication. If you do not take the medication, you may recover from the brain injury but your memory will likely be impaired. Although there is no guarantee that the person would be able to speak or use their hands, in order to help the individual to regain your ability to do so, we recommend that you begin a rehabilitation program.

plegia is a medical term, and it’s a bit of a mouthful. In the context of brain injuries, it’s a bit like the term “stroke.” It refers to a type of injury that involves damage to the brain, usually in the form of bleeding or swelling.

The plegia is a term used in the medical field when a person has lost the ability to speak as well as to use their hands. Although the word plegia is used broadly, there are a number of sub-categories, that all fall under the umbrella of plegia. Plegia is caused by internal bleeding in the brain.

plegia is the brain damage caused by internal blood flow. It is most likely caused when the blood vessels in the brain get stuck. For example, if you have a stroke, you can have blood vessels in the brain that stop working, but that doesn’t mean that the brain itself is damaged. When your brain is damaged by blood flow, it begins to bleed and swell, and you can no longer use your tongue, you can no longer speak, you can no longer use your hands.

Blood vessels are important because they are the only thing that keeps your brain from bursting out. In the case of stroke, the blood vessels are clogged with blood, so the blood cannot flow to your brain and the brain itself does not receive enough blood to cause brain damage. In fact, the brain itself is actually a pretty good idea to be healthy, because when it has enough blood, it begins to repair itself.

In fact, the brain itself is actually pretty good because it is so complex to repair. It is very important to keep your brain healthy because if the blood vessels that feed it are clogged, the brain cannot supply enough oxygen to the cell parts that make up its entire body. It is the brain itself that is not only important, but also the most important part of the body.

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