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It’s hard to imagine the lives, health, and well-being of people who are chronically ill or injured without the help of a medical professional. In this video I share with you a story about how I became a medical mary.

In the video I show you how I became a medical mary. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my late teens and treated with chemotherapy, radiation, and mastectomy surgery. My family and I wanted to make sure I was taken care of and that I was given the best resources to live my own life. I wanted to give my loved ones the opportunity to live life without pain, fear, and complications. I was diagnosed in November 2012 and had my surgery in January 2013.

I started my career in the medical field in 2003 after a year of medical school and residency training. When I was twenty-eight, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was given 12 months to live. My doctor told me I would have five years to live, and he didn’t believe me. I was very young and didn’t understand what he was telling me, but I didn’t know what else to do.

I had a mastectomy and radiation to the breast and went through a six-month chemotherapy and then a year of chemo-relapsed and then another year of chemo-relapsed and then my last chemo-relapsed. The second chemo killed my hair and my beard, so you know I looked like a bald, bearded, dead zombie.

It’s a common experience for someone nearing the end of their life to ask themselves how they would like to be remembered. The most important part of being remembered, of course, is to have your life preserved. How you present yourself to the public is very important, even if no one is looking at you. I personally think it is better to have a life that you enjoy, than a life that is painful and full of regret.

People go through stages of grief in their deaths: from “I want to die” to “I’m done” to “I’m done with all of this.” There’s a range of emotions that go into the process of preparing for death. To be remembered as a person who has lived a life that was full of love, care, and happiness is one of the most important things a person can do.

“This is my final message to you. I would like you to know how deeply I love you, and how much I appreciate everything you have taught me. I am so proud of all that you have taught me and am grateful for all you have taught me about the people in your life. You are my only friend left now, and I hope you are with me forever.

As a friend of mine once said, we are all just the same. Some of us are still learning, and some of us are still being taught.

The same goes for you. The fact that you are here, the fact that I love you, the fact that I can still remember who you are, and yet every damn day, I am learning more and more of you. It’s amazing how much you have helped me get to this point, and I am so very grateful.

You have helped me get to this point, and I am so very grateful. You have helped me get to this point, and I am so very grateful. If you are reading this, you are my friend and I miss you forever.

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