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Let your wardrobe do the talking with summer staples

While you could be looking for the newest styles, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your closet will always require the essentials. A summer wardrobe needs to have stylish, functional pieces that will make you feel stunning wherever you are.

The best summer clothes are those that are composed of breathable materials, like cotton, are bright and bold, feel comfortable when it’s hot outside, and still, go with a variety of styles. You can find a range of summer co-ord sets and tops that not only make you fashionable but also make you feel super comfortable.

Summer Co-Ord Sets Are Regaining Popularity

A considerable amount of time is spent choosing what clothes to wear, as well as deciding which top to pair with your bottoms. But guess what, summer co-ord sets are back in fashion to save you from this daily bind. Co-ords are style and colour coordinated sets, that are perfectly styled, saving you the hassle of trying different combinations of pants and tops to see what works. They make up the perfect outfit!

These all-in-one garments that make dressing up so quick and easy. Designers have now gone above and beyond the norm to add a touch of fun and quirkiness to every design for all occasions.

There are no constraints on the nature of the two pieces or the kind of material they can be made of when it comes to summer co-ord sets. A tailored pantsuit will make you look more professional, whereas enormous, ultra-stretchy lounge suits are perfect for a relaxing evening. You can opt for vibrant colours or colour blocked outfits for a colourful summer look, or even play around with silhouettes with asymmetrical tunics.

Cotton and linen are great for the summer, being soft and breathable fabrics, while satin is suitable for a grander look. 

Summer Tops to beat the heat

We all love the sun-kissed feel of the summer. But if you can’t go for a beach holiday or you just miss that fresh sea breeze, then your clothes need to be ready for the change. With vibrant prints and soft fabrics being seen in the latest designer collections, it’s easy to dress up in a style that will make you feel just as good as being on vacation. 

You can opt for bright colours like orange and yellow to match the summer’s palette, or greys and black for a summer night out. Kaftan tops and capes are a great cover up at the beach, and can even be styled up for a casual dinner out with belts and heels. You can always go further with your style with off-shoulder and asymmetrical tops, which always create an interesting silhouette. Bold prints and patterns on tops are in style this summer, and can glam up any outfit. Strappy and tube tops are not only super stylish, but are perfect for the summer heat. You can throw on a cape or overshirts for some more coverage.

Co-ord sets and summer tops are the perfect blend of simplicity and style. You can check out the amazing range of summer tops and cool summer co-ord sets online by designers like Wendell Rodricks, Payal Singal, Ritu Kumar and so much more. These pieces are uniquely designed and created with the best quality fabrics by the most skilled craftsmen,

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