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i can not find my weblisting

I can’t find my weblisting anywhere on my system so I can’t get it on my blog but I will try to find it at the end of the post. I didn’t want to include it again, so I’ll have to leave it out. I haven’t done a search of the blog so I’m unsure how easy it is to find. Again, I’m not sure how easy it is to search the blog.

I use Blogger, and I have a search function on my blog. But I do not know if it does a direct search. If you search for your post, it will find the text, not the URL.

This is actually one of my biggest pet peeves. I don’t see why the search function on Blogger should care where the post is. I mean, it does show you the URL, but still, why should it matter where the post is? I mean, I have no idea how to search using Blogger but I would imagine it would be relatively easy to do. I may be wrong though.

It does matter, though. If you are searching for your post, like I am, then you need to add the url (or other identifier) to the query string. The search engine is able to match the exact URL to the text, so it knows that this Post is the same as the post that I’m looking for. This is a huge advantage over searching on Google, which will only return the text but not the URL or the title.

That’s the beauty of Blogger, you can search the text, not the URL. You can search the text of a post, not the URL of that post. So if I wanted to search for a post on my blog and I wanted to search for “I can’t find my weblisting,” that would be my search query. Now, Google is a much better search engine, but Blogger is a much better search platform.

Blogger is far better at discovering posts than Google is, but Blogger is far better at providing a way to easily and quickly link to other posts on your site. Google’s search engine and Blogger’s search platforms are just starting to compete to offer their own search features, but they both offer a way to search posts that doesn’t require a login to your site, and also, you have a much wider variety of search strings to choose from here.

When you use Blogger, you can link to any post on your site and have people find the post they are looking for directly from your blog. I often use Blogger to link to other blogs, as well as my own. That way, if I ever want to update my site, I can use Blogger to make a new post and then use Google to search for the exact post that I am looking for.

I think this is a good idea, and it’s one of the reasons I blog. But if I have a specific post I want to link, it won’t work, because Blogger can’t find the post. However, if I use the search string search, it works fine, because Blogger doesn’t care that I have a specific search string.

My bad. I’m still using Google Search for all my search requests.

Yeah, I know Blogger has a limit on search terms. But the search engine will still find the exact post I want as long as the search string is specific.

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