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documentary lighting

I always enjoy learning about different ways to enhance the look of a room with different lighting. The lighting in this documentary is beautiful. They used lots of light to light the room to create a warm, welcoming feel. I especially love that the light is all around the room. I also love how the light is positioned. It is placed strategically on the different parts of the room to give it a beautiful look.

The film is well made and has a great aesthetic. I especially liked the placement of the lights. They are placed throughout the room and not just on one place. It gives the room an overall feeling of warmth. The film is also very educational in that it takes the viewer through some of the history of lighting in a room and shows how different lighting techniques have changed over time. The lighting in this documentary is a great example of how to enhance the look of a room.

The film is well done. It is a good example of what documentary film can be as well as how not to make it. Many of the lighting techniques that we see in documentaries are in the same categories as lighting in a home. The lighting in this film is very good, but it does seem to lack a bit of a “wow” factor. More often than not, a documentary film that is well made will have very little wow factor. And that is fine.

This is why I think documentaries should be done by those who have a genuine passion for making them, that passion being the result of a lot of practice, practice and practice. Not just practice with a camera, but practice with a camera and then practice with other cameras. That should be the goal.

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