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dateline when the smoke clears

So, my friend, the smoke is clearing. The smoke is leaving and we are all just slowly starting to put it out.

Now that you’ve had a good smoke, you’re probably ready to go back to work. Let’s talk about the other piece of the puzzle: the smoke. This time, we just don’t have it in the form of a cigarette or cigarette lighter. Instead, it looks a lot like our smoke, but even though it’s gone, we still need to figure out how to put it out.

We are still not entirely sure what kind of smoke it is. I personally think it looks like a very dark pinkish black liquid that is slowly dissipating into the ground. I’m not a chemist, so if theres something wrong with my thinking, I’d love to be proved wrong. What I can say though, is that while the smoke itself is slowly dissipating, we still have the problem of getting rid of it.

It’s not the black liquid that’s the problem. It is the fire that’s the problem. In fact, as our smoke quickly dissipates, it is the fire that’s the problem. The problem is that the fire is a bad thing. The fire is evil. If you have ever tried to use a barbecue to put out a fire, you know what I’m talking about.

As I have said, a barbecue is a really bad thing to try to put out. I’m not saying that the fire is not a problem or that it doesn’t happen, but I am saying that it is the fire that is the problem.

When we were at a party we had a barbecue party to celebrate, so we decided to go for a barbecue. We weren’t there to celebrate, but we realized when we went to the barbecue party that we were probably inebriated. We got into a fight and had to get out. We were told to not do it. We all went back to the party and after that we were told to get away from the party.

These are the things that really make the smoke go up, not the fire. The smoke is caused by the oxygen in the air being pushed out into the atmosphere and the fire is caused by oxygen being allowed to escape into the atmosphere. The fire needs oxygen to burn, and the smoke can be caused by things like cigarettes, alcohol, fireplaces, candles, candles in the room, oxygen masks, oxygen masks on someone else, and so on.

Well, the smoke is getting heavier and heavier, but the smoke is not getting too crazy. This is a result of the smoke getting lighter, but the smoke can still get heavy enough to cause the smoke to start shooting up.

All of the fire’s victims are people, but there are many possible reasons for this. I can think of one that is a bit more complicated, but it could take a bit longer to explain. In the short-term, we think it’s because the oxygen in the room is higher than normal for the room’s temperature. In the longer term, it could be because a new fire alarm went off somewhere on the island.

We can’t prove that it’s the new fire alarm, but the first wave of smoke has already been seen, and a few fires are still burning. The second wave of smoke is coming in from the fire outbuilding.

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