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Complete Guide to Velib’ Bike Rentals in Paris

Paris is an amazing city to explore from the ground. It has so many great things to see and do that you may not even realize it unless you are taking a bike. Even if you decide to stay in a hotel, you can still do a lot of things by just walking around. And since Paris is a huge city, you cannot walk around in all places within a short amount of time. So, you can rely on public bicycles for transportation. It is possible to get around the city with them. The velib’ is a great mode of transport and it works like a bicycle. It is very easy to use as well.  If you want to buy Spotify followers, then you should visit Spotifystorm today! In this blog, we will share some necessary information about the Velib rental system.

What is Vélib’?

Vélib’ is the name of Paris’ bicycle rental system. It was designed in the mid-2000s to provide the city with cheap and convenient alternatives to public transport and cars. Before this program was introduced, Parisian residents were forced to either pay for expensive car rentals or use public transport, which wasn’t very convenient. This problem was fixed by the creation of a bicycle rental system, which now offers people a cheap and convenient alternative to the city’s public transport. Vélib’ is not only cheap and convenient, but it is also easy to use. All you need is your ID and a credit card. Once you have paid, you simply rent a bike from a station and return it to another. Bikes are available in most stations, including ones located in popular parks.

Vélib’ has become a symbol of Parisian life, and many famous people and Parisian residents are seen riding Vélib’ on a regular basis. Today, Vélib’ is the most convenient, inexpensive, and comfortable way to travel in Paris.

How to rent a bike in Paris with Velib’?

Option 1: Online-You can buy a one-day ticket for 2.50€ or a seven-day ticket for 3.50€. Microchips make it easy to get into the store, but you might want them if you don’t have a card that uses them.

Option 2: In-Person-From, any Velib’ station, follow the steps on the screen, which are as follows:

You have click on 1 and then follow the screen steps that say, “Select the date and time when you wish to ride. You need a  pin code. The bike will cost 150€, and a deposit of 150€ must be paid in cash to hold the bike. Your credit or debit card needs to be inserted into the cashier’s machine. Chips and pins are required for your card to work. Now print your receipt.

Choose your Velib’

Order your ride, and it will be delivered to you! You can select to have your new ride delivered to your doorstep by visiting the racks. Avoid getting off a dock backwards by looking for green lights. A bike seat should be turned if it is broken or damaged in any other way. The pressure of your tires, the level of your brake fluid, and the height of your saddle should all be checked. Take note of the number on the front of the bike stand, since it is about the same height as you.

Borrow the Velib’

Upon returning to the previous screen, you must re-enter the pin and subscription number along with the starting date for the subscription. You can borrow as many bicycles as you want. The amount you pay follows your initial subscription cost. You can use the first half hour for free. As a result, the next hour will cost 1€ after the first hour. Three euros are charged for the third hour. The fee for each half hour after that is 4 euros. You will pay 7 euros and your monthly subscription fee for renting a bike for two hours.

Using Velib stations, you can get from place to place within the first half hour, returning your bike before 30 minutes have passed. Getting back on the road means checking out a brand-new bike. Since you’ll have free rides all day, you won’t need to worry about storing them between rides.


Take the Velib’ station for a ride after you finish riding the bicycle. Look for the kickstand on your bike. You need to turn it 90 degrees. Under the bike’s rear wheel, place the kickstand, then secure it with the lock. Return receipts can be printed out.

Final Words

In Paris, you can rent bicycles through Vélib’. In contrast to public transportation, this program is cheaper, easier, and more convenient for residents. A small amount of money is paid to the program, and you can then rent any bicycle you want. There are several rental stations located throughout the city. Both Vélib’ Vert and Vélib’ Ciel are the main stations. 

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