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The word carnitarian literally translates to “carnivore” or “carnivorous” which refers to our consumption of meat, fish, and other animals. The word originally refers to a type of hunter-gatherer living in a semi-nomadic lifestyle, but was later given the meaning of a non-food consumer. As a result of its use, the word is often used in a derogatory way to apply to those who prefer not to eat meat.

In our society, we tend to think that the term meat-eater is simply a negative connotation. However, it’s not. We’re all meat-eaters and meat-eaters tend to be a small segment of the population. We tend to think of the people who don’t eat meat as being meat-eaters, but are in fact carnivores. Just not what we mean by the term.

Meat-eaters are those who tend to eat meat. The term meat-eater is applied to those who avoid all flesh meat-eater. We call meat-eaters who eat meat vegetarians. The word carnivore has no negative connotations, but it is used to describe those who eat meat.

Vegetarianism is a diet based on the consumption of animal products. Carnivore is a person who avoids all flesh meat-eater. Carnivore means an animal eater, or a meat eater, who is also a vegetarian.

Carnivores tend to be meat-eaters, and there are other carnivores that are vegetarians, but these two are the best known ones. Carnivores tend to be meat-eaters, vegetarians, and animal-rights activists. Those are the ones whose lives revolve around animal rights.

Carnivores are vegetarian because they believe in animal rights and because they don’t eat meat. They are meat-eaters because they don’t eat animals; rather, they prefer to eat insects, fish, and other non-human animals. They are the meat-eaters. While there are many carnivores that eat meat, they are few and far between. There are even those that don’t eat meat at all, and they are the vegetarians.

This is why I am always very impressed when I see some of the news reports that talk about vegan and/or vegetarian lifestyles. Not only do they think they are saving animals, they save lots of money as well. I have my vegan friend who is a college professor and he has stated that he spends as much money on meat as he does on his groceries.

There are a couple of reasons why carnivores are so rare, and the reason that I think is the most important is that they are very particular about what they eat. Carnivores can only eat one kind of meat or one kind of veg, so it’s not like they can just go on a diet and start eating meat and vegetables. Carnivores are usually people of a certain social, religious, and ethnic background who are very particular about what they eat.

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