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I think this quote is one of the best pieces of guidance I’ve been given in my life, and how it relates to all of the other quotes that I’ve collected throughout my life.

I always tell people I know that they can never do anything great unless they’ve done something great. It really is that simple. If you can do something well, you can do anything well.

There is no wrong answer here and its really just an example of a really simple rule. Its not a rule of life because its not like there is a right answer. Its just that its important to remember that as you reach out to your life, your goals, your dreams, the choices you have to make will all eventually be part of a larger picture.

The main reason that the “right-answer” rule is so successful is because its a simple rule of life. As a rule of life, you can be right or wrong. If you can’t do anything great but you love it, you can probably be right or wrong. It’s so simple. If you can’t do anything great, then you just don’t have anything great to worry about. There is no wrong answer here.

Why not? Because you have to think of it as a rule of life. You can’t just do anything great and just do what everybody else did before. It’s very difficult to do with a rule of life that you can’t do with your life.

The rule of life is that you can make a decision to do something great. If you can make the decision, that is a great decision. If you cant, then you are screwed. You cant decide to do something great, and then be the person who decided it was a bad idea. There is no right answer here.

I think it is also important to note that there are no right or wrong answers here. It is impossible to know how to act in life until you are done living. You cant judge yourself. It is impossible to have a right answer for a question like “should i paint my new construction home?” until you are in a situation where you truly want to do so.

I think that in a lot of ways it is okay to be a dick. A lot of the time people just need a reminder. “I cant be a dick!” is easy to say when you’re really only trying to be nice, but you are acting in a way that is not healthy for yourself.

The reason we can’t tell you to “do it” is that you have no clue how to act in life. You know you just have no idea how to act. It’s not just about your own self-control, it’s about you.

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